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About Us

Dear Community Partners and Friends,

Live What You Love! That's our motto; that's our message. At the Gifted and Purposed Alliance (GPA), we show youth how to tap into their purpose, explore their identity and actively learn through the arts. GPA aims to provide participants with an early opportunity to identify and sharpen their gifts and talents, as well as an atmosphere to build a firm foundation for their craft and career choice.

Our goal is to ignite the Rockaway community schools (NYC schools and organizations at large) with an arts education program that will benefit students by providing clarity in their purpose while creating a pipeline towards higher education institutions.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Connect with us! Let's bring our energy and resources together to help change our schools and community. Our team eagerly looks forward to speaking with you soon. In the meantime, don't forget to "Live What You Love!"

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Ms.Larcher/GPA Faculty

Mr.Dayo is amazing! Mrs.Daley first brought in and I was like okay! Im ready, Im, ready, but the way that he has transformed these students and these children’s lives is amazing!

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Anyelis Andino/Class of 2023

I had a lot of fun doing it! Sometimes we would talk about our feelings, and our problems and that helped me a lot to be more open to adults.

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Exahalia Lawrence/ Class of 2022

Mr.Dayo taught us something about ourselves that not all of us may have realized but we realized it yesterday when we did the thinking about our future…

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